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Sierra Stone

AZ Rubber Stone offers Sierra Stone that has been used for Covering Ugly Concrete and proving its durability throughout North America for more than a quarter-century.

It withstands the harshness of Canadian winters and the unforgiving heat of Phoenix sunshine.

Whatever the conditions, Sierra Stone is strong enough to stand up to weather extremes without compromising elegant beauty. As it does all this it also adds value to your property and saves you demolition costs and the expense of pouring new concrete.

Rubber Stone

Our Rubberized Pool Deck offers everything you would expect of Sierra Stone—Durability, Versatility, and Beauty.

Where it differs is in its texture—Rubber Pool Decking is flexible and has a softer touch. This creates a cushioning effect to minimize the effects of impact and fatigue from standing, walking, running, and playing on this surface.


Rubber Stone is ideal for substrates that move or shift including decks, paving stones, asphalt driveways and concrete. Just like Sierra Stone, Rubberized Pool Deck Coating can also be applied on a wide variety of interior surfaces. It works extremely well in basements, laundry areas, playrooms, and exercise rooms. This product is also exceptionally durable and can withstand the same harsh conditions that the tires on your car can endure—hot, cold, wet, and dry conditions, and heavy traffic. Installing Rubber Stone on your driveway is almost like giving it off-road capability—it’s simply that tough.



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See how we’ve transformed ugly concrete surfaces to a safe and beautiful alternative. 

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You have to see and touch it to believe it. You’ve seen overlays for other surfaces. Now there’s a better alternative to ugly concrete. Check it out! 

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George T. Property Manager

The concrete around the building was cracked with some spalling. We chose a mixture of 40% brown and 60% black rubber which is extremely attractive, so much so that one of our major office tenants and their clients call the new coating "our million dollar sidewalk". The surface is very durable, makes the building look amazing, is absolutely as anti-slip as anyone could imagine and is very easy to clean. I am so impressed with this product that several of our properties sidewalks are now poised for Rubber Stone coatings, especially the main entrances and exterior concrete stairs to the buildings. This product has solved not only our ugly concrete situation but also has eliminated our liability for slip and falls on our office sidewalks.

Wade D. CPGA Professional

Thank you for the amazing job of installing Rubber Stone at our new fitting and training center at Hazelmere Golf Club. It looks great and the color is perfect!! When we expand the center, we will be sure to call you add more Rubber Stone flooring.

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