Rubber Stone and Sierra Stone Arizona



Enhance the Look & Safety of Your Space with RubberStone

Backyard BBQs, countless birthdays all the way to retirement parties, relaxing after a hard day — your deck is there through it all. It’s seen a lot of wear and tear over the years.

When paint and stain can only go so far, it’s time to think about how to keep your deck safe and beautiful for all the memories yet to make. Our products are designed to make your deck, patio, and everything in between the gorgeous backyard living space you deserve

A Beautiful Way to Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space

Give yourself a luxurious outdoor space without the cost of replacing your existing concrete or wood. Both Sierra Stone and Rubber Stone are beautiful and durable options for redoing your deck, porch, patio, and steps. They can withstand hot and cold weather extremes, freeze-thaw cycles, and the everyday activity of a busy family.

Sierra Stone for your Backyard | AZ Rubber Stone

Sierra Stone

Sierra Stone is a natural stone aggregate combined with an industrial grade epoxy, making it both stylish and long-lasting. With several color options to choose from and the ability to apply it horizontally and vertically, Sierra Stone easily ties into your existing decor to improve the curb appeal of your property.

Rubber Stone

Rubber Stone is a versatile and flexible resurfacing product made of high-quality recycled and EPDM rubber and a strong polyurethane binding agent. It is designed and manufactured to provide a slip and skid resistant surface, making it perfect for decks and outdoor spaces. Because of its cushioned texture, it’s also highly suited for activity and play areas.

Rubber Stone | AZ Rubber Stone

Why Homeowners Love Rubberstone

Improved Safety | AZ Rubber Stone

Improved Safety

Softer to the touch and skid-resistant, Rubber Stone & Rubber Stone Mats absorb impact and provides a cushioning effect.

Simple & Affordable Maintenance | AZ Rubber Stone

Simple & Affordable Maintenance

Regular pressure washing and a top coat re-roll every 3-5 years is all that is required to keep your Rubber Stone looking new.

Increased Property Value | AZ Rubber Stone

Increased Property Value

Rubber Stone is a relatively thin overlay that increases the curb appeal and function of your property.

Stylish | AZ Rubber Stone


With a wide variety of colors to choose from, you get the decorative elements you want without compromising the durability you need. Rubber Stone can be installed horizontally or vertically on a variety of surfaces

Rubber Stone is Safe | AZ Rubber Stone

Improved Safety

The smart choice for a range of extreme weather conditions with a high-traction surface designed to withstand heavy traffic, Rubber Stone is safe, long-lasting solution

Versatile | AZ Rubber Stone


Rubber Stone covers cracked, pitted, shaled, and deteriorated surfaces more effectively than other resurfacing products, giving you true flexibility in how you choose to improve your space.