Rubber Stone and Sierra Stone Arizona

Warranty Support

What to Expect from Your Warranty

General Warranty Coverage on Our Products

We have confidence in both our products and our team members installing them, but we also know that there is always a chance something might not be totally up to standards. We provide a one-year warranty to all of our dealers for raw material, should the product they use be defective in any way, along with a 10-year replacement warranty on any defective Rubber Stone Mats (not including installation).

Warranties for any installation are determined by individual dealers at the time of your contract. Most dealers will offer a warranty on workmanship and materials, depending on regional conditions. Your warranty begins at the completion of install, and some dealers may also offer extended warranties if requested.

What Might Not Be Covered in Your Warranty

While we want to do whatever we can to ensure your product continues to give you satisfaction, there are a few situations that are out of our control. Sometimes products can crack because of ground movement where it was installed, and other times, products may fade more quickly than expected due to UV exposure. Improper care can also lead to damage of your product, such as not allowing proper curing time before use or excessive wear from things like heavy equipment or construction. Every dealer will have specific information about what isn’t included in your warranty, what might void it, and steps you can take to prevent damage to your product.