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Featuring: Enduraflake

A Beautifully Smooth Solution for Covering Old Flooring

Breathe new life into your floors with a thin resurfacing product designed to withstand a range of high-traffic and industrial conditions. Whether you’re looking to add a decorative finish or need a durable solution for your existing space, EnduraFlake is strong and versatile enough to meet your needs. Made of high-quality industrial strength epoxy and acrylic chips, it is a not only a practical choice, but a beautiful option for covering your existing concrete interior floors.


Decorative & Affordable

EnduraFlake offers flexibility in creating impressive floorspace, without the added costs of having to replace existing structures. With color options that can be customized to fit your needs and high-end, glossy finishes, EnduraFlake is a smart choice for updating your floor.

Tough & Resilient

EnduraFlake provides a seamless surface that is resistant to chemicals the effects of everyday wear and tear. With a strong top coat and a smooth finish, EnduraFlake gives you the durability you need without compromising the style you want.

2. Tough & Resilient

Colours Designed to Suit You

To get the right look for your space, consider a blend of some of our standard colors. Talk to your nearest dealer to see the options available for you.
Tan Flooring
Mocha Tweed

Benefits of EnduraFlake

Improved Safety | AZ Rubber Stone

Chemical & Spill Resistant

Specially designed for areas with frequent spills and harsh chemicals like oil and grease.

Simple & Affordable Maintenance | AZ Rubber Stone

Industrial Strength

Long-lasting in settings that see heavy foot, vehicle, and equipment traffic.

Increased Property Value | AZ Rubber Stone

Beautiful Colour Options

Easily ties into your existing decor with a variety of colors and glossy finishes.

Stylish | AZ Rubber Stone

Enhances Safety

Reduces trip hazards and the chance of falls with a seamless, smooth surface.

Rubber Stone is Safe | AZ Rubber Stone

Residential & Commercial Applications

Suitable for adding a decorative element to both home and business interiors.

Versatile | AZ Rubber Stone

Simple & Quick Maintenance

Keeping your floors clean help prolong the life, while a re-roll of top coat every 3-5 years will help keep it looking new.