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Pool Finishes That Will Elevate
Your Pool To The Next Level

Get those tough pool stains off your pool walls with an Acid Wash

Acid washes are done on new pebble finishes as well as older pools that need an update. The acid wash is a very important process within the interior finish phase. This ensures that any excess residue or film is removed after the pebble has been polish and exposed. For an older pool that has discoloration or roughness, an acid wash can make the pool look new again.


Microglass is a premium curing agent for all types of plaster/pebble. The ultimate in pool plaster vitrification, hydration, and stabilizer for new or existing pools. Features & Benefits of Microglass:

  • Safe to use
  • Reduces color loss
  • Reduces and stops dusting
  • Reduces Micro/shrink cracking
  • Improves start up chemistry
  • Reduces overall chemical usage
  • Reduces surface etching
  • Reduces calcium nodule formation
  • Extends pool surface life expectancy

Find the Pool Finish Texture and Water Color that fits your vision

We design our aggregate finishes for maximum beauty and durability, combining our premium stone with fade-resistant pigments and strengthening agents. Some of our finishes are even enhanced with our patented “Shimmering Sea” blend of abalone and mother-of pearl shell as well as exquisite glass beads–to provide extra water sparkle.

5. Pool Deck Coatings | AZ Rubber Stone

Premium Comfort in the Pool

Texture that delivers enduring elegance and durability Extraordinary smoothness with superior strength We never compromise on quality
4. Pool Deck & Walkway | AZ Rubber Stone

Make an Informed Decision

If you’re having trouble deciding on the best pool surface finishes to add that extra something to your pool, it’s time to bring in the experts.