Rubber Stone and Sierra Stone Arizona



Revitalize Your Concrete Surfaces with Rubber Stone – Perfect for Driveways, Pathways, Patios, and More!

Whether it’s the daily hustle and bustle of your driveway, the serenity of your backyard patio, or the functional space of your laundry room, our Rubber Stone products are designed to enhance the aesthetics and safety of various concrete surfaces. Splash around in your pool, host gatherings on your patio, or take a leisurely stroll on your resurfaced walkways – Rubber Stone is your versatile solution.

Elevate Any Outdoor Space

Transform your damaged concrete surfaces into stunning retreats with Rubber Stone, Sierra Stone or VUBA Stone. Our products offer slip-resistant and decorative elements, ensuring safety and luxury for areas such as driveways, pathways, walkways, patios, garages, pool decks, and even laundry rooms. Avoid the hassle of removing and replacing existing concrete, asphalt, or wood by choosing our efficient resurfacing solution.

Versatile, Safe, and Durable

Sierra Stone, Rubber Stone, and VUBA Stone cater to your diverse needs, providing versatility, safety, and durability for any outdoor space. Crafted from high-quality materials capable of withstanding harsh conditions, both products come in various color options and finishes, allowing seamless integration with your existing decor.

VUBA Stone

VUBA Stone surfaces are UV stable and hard-wearing, maintaining their color over time. Different aggregate sizes enhance strength and longevity, ensuring a heavy-duty solution for your concrete surfaces.

Rubber Stone

Preferred for its high-traction surface, Rubber Stone reduces the risk of slips, especially in wet conditions around the pool. Made from recycled rubber and a polyurethane binding agent, Rubber Stone is tough, flexible, and visually appealing, adding both safety and beauty to your pool area.

Sierra Stone for your Backyard | AZ Rubber Stone

Sierra Stone

Sierra Stone offers a luxurious finish with natural slip resistance, thanks to its porous structure. Composed of natural stone aggregate and industrial-grade epoxy, Sierra Stone adds enduring value to your resurfaced areas, be it a pool deck or a walkway.

Why Homeowners Love Our
Concrete Resurfacing Products

Improved Safety | AZ Rubber Stone

Improved Safety

Softer to the touch and skid-resistant, our concrete resurfacing products absorb impact and provide a cushioning effect.

Simple & Affordable Maintenance | AZ Rubber Stone

Simple & Affordable Maintenance

All 3 of our concrete resurfacing products require little maintenance, involving pressure washing and occasional rerolls.

Increased Property Value | AZ Rubber Stone

Increased Property Value

Rubber Stone, Sierra Stone and VUBA Stone are a relatively thin overlay that increases the curb appeal and function of your property.

Stylish | AZ Rubber Stone


With a wide variety of colors to choose from, you get the decorative elements you want without compromising the durability you need. All products can be installed horizontally or vertically on a variety of surfaces

Rubber Stone is Safe | AZ Rubber Stone

Improved Safety

The smart choice for a range of extreme weather conditions with a high-traction surface designed to withstand heavy traffic, Rubber Stone, Sierra Stone & VUBA Stone are safe, long-lasting solutions.

Versatile | AZ Rubber Stone


Cover cracked, pitted, shaled, and deteriorated surfaces more effectively than other resurfacing products, giving you true flexibility in how you choose to improve your space.


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